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Nigerian Woman Who Narrowly Escaped Death In Beirut Explosion Calls For Help From Nigerians

A Nigerian woman who was badly injured in the Beirut explosion in Lebanon has called out for help from her hospital bed.

The woman, identified as Nkiru Obasi, explained that she recently got a job to care for an old person in the location where the explosion happened and she was there when the tragic blast occurred on August 4, killing over 100 and injuring more than 4,000 people.

The Ebonyi State indigene narrated how she experienced the explosion, walked over dead bodies to escape as the four-storey building she was in began collapsing, and how she thought she would bleed to death.

She said she got first aid care from fellow Africans who she ran to before she was taken to a hospital.

She explained that shattered glasses are still in her body and she can barely stand or walk.

Speaking from her hospital bed where she was covered in bandages, Nkiru said she almost fainted from blood loss before the hospital staff attended to her after almost two hours of waiting. She said that even when they treated her, they only cleaned her wounds and put on bandages. She added that she hasn't been treated properly and the broken glasses are still stuck in her body.

She begged Nigerians to come to her aid and help her return to the country.

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