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New Stunning Photos Of Little Girls And Their Mother Abandoned For Having Blue Eyes

The woman whose husband abandoned because her children have blue eyes has released new stunning photos.
Mrs Risikat Abdulwasiu and her adorable children Kaosarat and Hassanat have since gotten help since the story went viral.
She added that she's proud of her eyes.
Risikat when interviewed, revealed that her blue eyes are normal and that she has never had any reason to complain about them.
Risikat said “she wouldn’t accept to change her eyes from blue to brown if a technology is/was invented”
Famous portrait photographer, Mofe Bamuyiwa took the stunning photos.
Ocular Albinism is a genetic condition /Mutation ,with the lack of pigmentation at the back of the eyes . Melanin is provided by our cells called Melanocytes , which is found in your skin, hair and eyes .several genes provide instructions for the making of proteins involved in the production of melanin.

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