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Meet 5 Other Nigerian Billionaires Who Got Married To Younger Women

Getting married to older men who are financially stable has become a new trend especially in Nigeria. Some ladies have been recorded among some few ones who chose a different path by marrying older men without caring about the age difference or the backlashes from the public.

Apart from Nollywood Actress Regina Daniels who married a 60-year old man when she was 19-years, there are other ladies who have also tied the knots with husbands who are many years older than them.


Rotimi used to be an actor before dropping his acting career to pursue politics. He’s one o the billionaires in Nigeria. He married his wife Oyabanke Oyalami at age 47 when his wife was just 23 years. They married in 2013.


Musa is also one of Nigerian’s billionaires who got married to Carolina Ekanem who is a Nigerian actress. However, she had to drop her acting career after she got married to her husband Musa. The couple however separated in 2016. Carolina was 24 years when he got married to Musa who was 54 years in 2004.

3. Cheif Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu

Cheif Emmanuel is a Nigerian politician and renowned businessman who is also considered as a rich man in Nigeria. He got married to Frances Chinonyerem at age 72 while she was 22 years in 2013.


Adams also got married five years after his first wife died to a beautiful lady called Lara Fortes who was a Cape Verdian Model. The lady was 29 years while Adams was 63 years.

5. Prince Sunny Aku

Prince Aku who is a billionaire also got married to a young lady called Dabota Lawson. She was 22 years while Prince was 52 years old when they married in 2014. However, they separated in 2018 after their marriage crushed.

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