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“Many Professional Artistes Need The Backing Of Their Parents To Become Successful” – Brymo

Self-acclaimed world best artiste, Brymo has shared his views on the direction in which the Nigerian music industry is headed.

According to him, many blacks consider entertainment as child play and a waste of adult time and this has caused our artistes to continue to do things in a mediocre manner. Brymo added that most professional singers need the backing of their parents to find success and this is why many of them do not evolve and the music business continues to suffer.

He further explained that it would be tragic to find out that locally created content would be preserved only in foreign archives and not in its place of origin. Byrmo said that if things are continued to be handled in such a manner, it would be a case of “They came and stole our music”

He wrote: Largely us dark-sinned folks still consider entertainment child’s play, a waste of adult time.. no wonder our artistes don’t evolve, music business suffers on.. I mean how come professional artistes need the backing of their parents, biological or adopted to find success..It’ll be tragic to find ourselves decades from now sourcing for locally created catalogue and finding them well preserved only in foreign archives… It’s most likely that we’ll yell “they came and stole our music” when the moments arrive…

As of this day the biggest hinderance against the popularity of a truly and globally renowned Nigerian music industry are the influencers amongst the youth, who insist, although rightly, but still a disservice to all; that only acts their age will get their indispensable votes…and older creatives who have failed to stir the emotions in their peers and earn the respect of the ones watching them… to create a balance, so that the old can vote their own, openly, as the young do… that the intellectual vote their own as the layman does, openly.

We all need to get our heads out the clouds, no one truly cares that much for our great creativity, it’ll always feel like a loss in the long run.. we must popularize and celebrate excellence above mediocrity.. openness above secrecy… process above shortcuts…Structuring the music industry deliberately, without disrupting its current reward system, rather build around it – is easy, and may be the gateway to building a home we can all be proud of.. a true artiste is a free one, more makes a feast of realism..of freedom!!

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