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Former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba reveals what men with more than one wife are enjoying

adamu garba and wife

Former presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba has given reasons why it is better to have more than one wife.

The businessman and advocate for polygamy took to Twitter with a picture showing him cruising in a car with one of his wives.

According to him, when one wife is busy, others will always be available to unwind with him.

This he says a man with only one wife can’t enjoye.

He tweeted: “My wife’s second job should be photography, how do you like it? Another benefit of two or more wives is, when one is serious with something, the other one will be ready to unwind. Alternating current (AC)circuit is more stable than a direct current (DC) circuits. Elect Engrs?”

Adamu Garba also shared another tweet to show that he and his wives are also in tune with modern times.

He wrote: “While driving with my almajira wife, Aishatu & listening to old school songs, she challenged me if I know the latest ones, I proved her wrong as I played @wizkidayo & @iRuntown’s Lagos to Kampala. We almajirai too like to flex, but we do so honorably with our wives”.

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