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Blac Chyna’s Rep Calls Oscars Controversy “Black Lash,” Says She Deserved Invitation

The Dolby Theater in Los Angeles was crawling with Hollywood’s elite players on Sunday (February 9) evening. The entertainment industry recognized just a few of its key members at the 92nd annual Academy Awards, and while there were many moments that were talked about on social media, Blac Chyna stole the show on the red carpet.

The reality star became the focus of criticism when photos of her arrival circulated online. Many people questioned why she was at the ceremony and TMZ reports they’ve spoken to her representative who called the critiques by the public and media outlets “black lash.” According to Chyna, as stated by her representative, the reproach can be boiled down to racism.

The rep also reportedly stated that Chyna had just as much right to attend the Oscars as anyone else, especially because she’s an entertainer who stars in her own reality show. They also said that Blac Chyna is a black woman who “finds inspiration in supporting her friends, mentors, and other talent that has helped provide a blueprint for her career.” The person also added that there are plenty of other people who attended the Academy Awards who aren’t necessarily film actors or nominees, but they weren’t targeted.

“Whether it be the fact that she is a reality star, a single mother, or the inevitable reminder that she was a former stripper … it does nothing to change the narrative that just maybe the Oscars indeed are ‘so white,'” the rep reportedly stated. The controversy over Chyna’s attendance “further highlights the fight that many African Americans in the Entertainment Industry face; yes, even during Black History Month.”

TMZ shared that while Blac Chyna “secured her own invitation,” she did have a date who is supposedly a music producer.

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