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Tiwa Savage & Fan Drag Each Other To The Mud On Social Media

Tiwa Savage and a Twitter user got entangled in a bant on Twitter and the outcome is entertaining.
Tiwa tweeted what seemed like a post that is encouraging girls to act in their romantic relationships like they got an instant replacement of their partners if they misbehave. She wrote; “Ladies, should we let them know sometimes that we gat options?”

It however then happened that a random Twitter user who happens to know a few things that have happened in Tiwa’s life didn’t find anything interesting about the tweet and decided to indulge in a bant with the “49-99” singer. He tweeted a reply, trying to antagonize Tiwa with a major part of her history. He wrote; “Imagine leaving playboy for a fvckboy haha.”

Tiwa in a response to show she was ready to go all the way with the guy in the battle of bants wrote; “Imagine leaving a real queen for a slay queen.”

And the user who also didn’t want to back-down responded to that. He wrote; “Imagine leaving TJ for Wizzy… na we we dey run.”

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