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Rapper, Eva Alordiah Reveals She Had Her First Love At Age 9

Nigerian rapper, Eva Alordiah has revealed that she had her first love when she was 9 years old.

Eva took to her Instagram page to tell the short but captivating story of how she fell in love at a tender age. According to her, first love was a 10-year-old in her class and they were both school prefects. Eva remembered telling him how much she loved him her crush ended up telling all his friends about the encounter and they, in turn, taunted her at the end of the school day.

The rapper wrote, How young were you the first time you realized you had fallen in love? Me? I was 9. He was a strong-looking 10-year-old in my class and we were both school prefects. We worked side by side on administrative projects and he was always so ‘ahead’. I really really just enjoyed looking at him. Igbo boy.

They always get me. One day in school, while the boys were stomping their heels and rolling in the dirt in the name of football, I mustered all courage and walked up to him with one intention. “I love you..” I said to him, with my face straight but my knees quaking under me and threatening to cave.

I remember him just standing there staring at me like I was quite mad. Oh but maybe I was. Mad in love. Without warning, he suddenly began to back away from me as though he had seen a ghost. Next, his legs went afloat in the air as he started to run really fast. What did I say? By the end of school that day, I had been marked and become the target for ridicule.

To my utter disappointment, my crush had told all his friends that I said I loved him. All his boys were angry. They chased me all the way to my house and called me names. Ah ah. I don’t understand. All I said was “I Love you..” I learned a very important lesson about boys and men that day. Men like the chase. There’s just something about conquering a woman that drives them to power.

Even if it may sometimes only be Ego based. But to mark her, win her and have her, all on his terms.. that’s the Hunt that stirs up life for a man. The woman? Just be in position to be marked. He won’t find you if you are always working and being isolated from the world. This is your Angel speaking, Eva, take note

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