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“Why My Father Disowned Me” – Gospel Music Veteran, Panam Percy Paul

Veteran gospel music minister, Panam Percy Paul, has revealed how his father disowned him for choosing to go into gospel music ministry for 19 years.

Born Bakulipanam Percy Paul Mokungah, widely known by his stage name Panam Percy Paul, this Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose musical career spans 40 years. He was born to Major Paul Harley, an officer in the Nigerian Army, and composer Paulina Paul Mokungah in 1957.

Most of his songs have been choreographed by children in many churches within and outside the country.

Speaking on Friday during the 2019 Music Ministers Conference tagged ‘The Minstrel’ at The Glory Dome, Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Airport Road. Abuja, the iconic singer said he father was forced to accept him after he became a household name in the nation and beyond.

Panama, 62, a native of Adamawa State recalled thus during the programme monitored by IDOMA VOICE:

“My father looked at me and said I have gone mad, because I left everything only to sing.

“My father said to me, don’t come back home no more. My father even struck out my name from his will and said to me ‘you are no longer my son.’ It was a time of pain, a time of grief and a time of gloom. But ladies and gentlemen, that is not the end of my story.

“A few years later; and one day, the elders of my people sat down in a meeting in the city of Yola, Adamawa State Nigeria. And one elder stood up and said, my name is Retired General so so and so, another elder stood up and intoeduced himself that his name was Retired Air Vice Marshal so so and so.

“But when it got to the turn of my father, he stood up and said, ‘how do I introduce myself to you?

“And he asked the elders, how many of you know the man called Dr. Panam Percy Paul? And they all raised their hands. And my father for the first time in 19 years proudly said, ‘he is my son.’

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