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Pregnant Jaruma & Husband Return To The N6 Million A Night Atlantis Underwater Suite

If you can recall, in 2016, we published here on NairaLand, Jaruma’s review in the N6,000,000 per night underwater suite in Atlantis Dubai.

Jaruma is the Brains behind the Phenomenal Azanza Garckeana Silky Kola which was a huge Mega Success making her Nigeria’s Most Trusted, Most Successful And Highest Paid Sex Therapist

Well, Jaruma is back in Atlantis to see if the experience is still the same but this time, she’s
heavily pregnant and she flew in to Dubai her personal videographer, her Mother (which she relocated to Dubai 3 months ago) and her first Nanny to make it a complete family vacation.

You can check Jaruma out on Instagram @Jaruma_Empire.

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