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Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde makes asset public, declares N50 billion

Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, on Monday, released details of his assets contained in the Code of Conduct Bureau 1 declared at the High Court of Oyo State on May 28, 2019, indicating that he was worth about N50bn in assets at that time.

According to details of the asset form, the governor had cash at hand and in the bank worth N234, 742, 296.01. In dollar terms, he has cash valued at $30,056.99 as at May 28, 2019.

Properties, including the developed and undeveloped as well as household items indicated on the asset forms, showed that the governor is worth N2, 624,800,500.

The governor also declared properties, developed and undeveloped as well as household items valued at $4,400,000.

He also declared buildings and household items worth four million, four hundred and fifty-seven thousand, five hundred and fifty-four and four South African Rands.

The houses declared by the governor include nine buildings in Nigeria, two in the United States of America and one in South Africa.

The details showed the current value of Makinde’s companies stand at N48, 150,736,889, with 33, 730,000 units of shares as of May 28, 2019.

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