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Nigerian Lady Amazing Body Transformation In Less Than A Year (Photos)

Less than a year ago, Adaora was a plus-sized lady and this didn’t go down well with her. So, she decided to shed some weight through regular physical exercises and made significant progress.

Her body transformation in the last couple of months has shocked social media users with some people expressing utter disbelief.

Read her write-up on her weight loss journey below:

“It’s still the beginning of the week and you can start over or keep pushing , As long as you are doing something about it, that’s all that matters, we all get discouraged at some point but never ever give up. These pictures are less than a year apart, imagine how much progress you can make in months with clean eating and exercising , I hope this helps someone a little this week to motivate them to make changes”

Meanwhile, some men who are into chuddy ladies believe she was much desirable when she had a bigger body mass. Adaora hails from the South-eastern part of Nigeria but school abroad at the University of Alabama, United States of America.

She regards herself as a fitness addict and gym rat. See more images below:

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