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"No Man Can Touch Me Anyhow In Romantic Scenes" – Actress Bukunmi Oluwasina

Fast rising actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina, has said she has set some boundaries as regards her playing romantic roles in movies. In a chat with Saturday Beats, the young actress noted that she made the decision for posterity sake.

“I can never act nude or allow my body to be touched anyhow if I am going to play a romantic role. Some people call me a feminist because I take issues about women seriously. There are some people that use the opportunity of acting with you to do some things they’ve always wanted to do; it happens. There are limits to what I can take in a romance scene because I know I’m going to get married someday and my children would watch me.

“I can’t go too extreme. My best role ever is when I acted like a blind girl; it was quite challenging because I wanted to give it my all. I had to relate with blind people to understand how they go about their daily activities. For example, I was taught how to use the braille,” she told Saturday Beats.

Asked about how fame has affected her, she described the status as a delicate phenomenon that should be handled with wisdom.

“Fame is very delicate; you just find yourself hurting people who are dear to you. I have issues with keeping in touch. Fame doesn’t stay forever but it can make someone lose things and people that matter. It takes freedom away from you,” she said.

She further talked about how she delved into acting, which she identified as one of her childhood dreams.

“I always knew I would be an actress, the trait has always been in me. Growing up as a child, I used to sing, dance and write scripts. In 2013, I shot one of my scripts and that was my first movie ever. We shot it and it is one of the best things that have happened to me. That was my breakthrough into the movie industry.

“I didn’t really face too many challenges; however, when I was trying to market the movie; a marketer had a problem with me being the lead actor in my own movie because I was an up-and-coming actress and a lady. He said he was going to buy the movie for a ridiculous amount of money because of that. Other stars featured in the movie but they weren’t ready to market the movie; I felt bad.

“If up-and-coming actors are not given the opportunity to showcase their talents, how are they going to be discovered? We can’t continue to have the same faces in every movie. I was determined but the marketers’ words to me were depressing. I didn’t give up, we shot the movie and I thank God for his grace. Eventually, the marketers that rejected me then now call me to feature in their movies. I always go back to God when people talk down on me.

“I am an introvert, I am used to being by myself; but now I have to make friends and talk even when I don’t want to. I found myself in a profession that won’t give you friends if you’re real. But when you are fake, you will have a lot of friends and I am a blunt person. I am a very straightforward person.

“I am not a party person; but in this profession, if you don’t show up for people’s events, they may think it is out of pride. I found myself offending people unknowingly. I am still trying to strike a balance between my personality and what people want me to be,” she said.

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