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‘I Don’t Joke With These Three’ – Mr P Celebrates His Family

Peter Okoye, now known as Mr P after the split up of the duo group, Psquare, has taken to social media to celebrate his love and commitment to his family.
The entertainer shared a very beautiful photo of his wife, Lola with his two kids and wrote;

“I don’t joke with dis 3… They are the only reason I double my hustle and they are simply amazing I just can’t imagine life without them”.

See photo:

Peter further revealed why he took sides with his wife instead of his brother during the Psquare brawl;

“It comes to a point in your life when you say…’ this is it.’

“I want to be from this to that and from that to this. [All the things that are happening now] I had always wanted to do them.

“I wish I had done them years back. As it is if anyone is feeling bad because I decided to choose my wife and kids over my brothers… I chose them and I rather be with them.

“They’re my family and I can’t betray them and I don’t hide it. If any feels bad because I chose my family over my brothers and decides not to listen to my songs or follow, then they should go ahead.”

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