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BBNaija: Meet Frodd's Mum As Friend Shares Touching Story About Him (Photos)

"We are not voting any of them because everyone of them in that house is made and rich"

That statement there is what most of us are still saying till date.

My people, Frodd is not made neither is he rich. Chukwuemeka is just like everyone of us trying to make ends meet. 

Frodd was trained by her single mum. The got married as a teenager and marriage crashed when the mum was 20 years old. 

Frodd has been through a lot.

Few years back, the dad was chasing him around with police and Frodd had to run to Lagos State for safety.

Despite all this maltreatment, he still went ahead to make peace for his mum and dad. Awwww, he is a peaceful son.

Frood has a lot to deal with, emotionally. He needs to be loved. We need to show him love. 

Frodd just paid for her mum's hospital bills after she undergone a major surgery few days to the commencement of Big Brother Naija. Let's not watch this woman become depressed. She needs all the support in this world for quick recovery. 

It's God that brought this poor boy this far. He is nice and jovial. Very calm and calculated. Let's support him. Let's vote for him.

Four Good Reasons Why You Should Vote For FRODD

1. He is a hustler ✔✔✔

2. He was raised by a single mum✔✔✔✔

3. He needs the Money to help his mother, liberate himself, start up a business and support his family✔✔✔✔✔

4. The voting is just #30 per vote✔✔✔✔✔✔

Don't let this poor boy down. Let this smile on his mum's face in this picture remain permanent. 

To vote for him, send VOTE Frodd to 32052


With Love ♥️
Chioma Joy Ezechukwu-Alaebo

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