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#BBNaija: Ike suffers mild cut while playing with Jackye

In a game gone wrong, Ike got into an accident leaving him with a cut above his eye. While running around playing with Jackye, our Pepper Dem playa and resident gangsta suffered a mild cut that had the rest of the Housemates immediately rushing to his aid the moment he yelled out in pain.

Doctor Frodd
He might be an investment Adviser and Sales Executive, but when a fellow Housemate needs medical assistance, ‘Dr’ Frodd is there on the scene. On seeing Ike’s cut, Frodd rushed immediately to his rescue alongside Jackye, Kim and other Housemates to apply first aid to the cut.

Missing in Action

Surprisingly, Mercy was nowhere to be found when the accident happened. Neither was she at Ike’s side while he was being attended to by the rest of the Housemates. This was quite unusual especially as we were just celebrating them as couple goals. Could Ike spending time with Jackye for the better part of the day have caused this mild tension between the two to the extent that she couldn’t spend time to be by his side in the moment of need?

Guilt Trip

Feeling guilty for being partly responsible for Ike’s accident, a visibly shaken Jackye was spotted in tears shortly after. She refused to be consoled even after Ike himself came to plead with her.

On a great note, our resident gangsta seems to have bounced back and isn’t letting a little cut put a dent on his quest in the House.

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