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BBNaija: Fani-Kayode Blasts MURIC For Demanding A Ban On The Reality TV Show

Former Minister Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has reacted to the petition written by the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) calling for a ban on Big Brother Naija show.

On Friday, it was reported that MURIC wrote a petition to President Muhammadu Buhari calling on him to ensure that the airing of the 2019 edition of the reality television show, Big Brother Naija is put to a stop immediately.

The Muslim group,in a statement issued by Professor Ishaq Akintola, its Director, labelled the reality show as ‘immoral, dangerous and bohemian’.

However, Fani-Kayode took to his official Twitter page to give a response to the petition written by the Muslim group while also accusing its Direc, Akintola of being addicted to the reality show.

“Sheik Akintola of MURIC wants @BBNaijafan banned ONLY because he is addicted to the show and each time he watches it he has a loud,explosive and uncontrollable orgasm and fires an accidental discharge into his pants. So much for being a pious and disciplined scholar and cleric,” Femi Fani-Kayode in a tweet on Friday said.

While also providing a 'solution', Fani-Kayode said; “The solution to the problem is not to ban @BBNaijafan but for Akintola to get help to break his addiction,stop watching the show and either turn the television off or change the channel!He should also get his wife to be a little bit more entertaining and adventurous in bed!

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