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Are These The Top 5 Most Expensive Housemates On BBNaija 2019 Show?

Charity they say begins at home and some the new housemates have not been able to hide the fact that they actually come from a good and comfortable background. This way, one can easily detect which of the housemates that has tasted luxury and those that are living averagely but comfortably.

Some of these house mates include:

(5) Mercy : Based on the reports that she paid a huge amount for BUMBUM surgery, one can be easily convinced that the beautiful video vixen was quite comfortable and living large before entering the big brother house.

BBNaija 2019: See What Mercy Said About Her Big A$$ That Has Got Nigerians Talking
The major question is does dancing in music videos for Nigerian Artists earn one millions of Naira?

(4) Tacha: From her weavon to her skin care, and microbladding of her eye brows, it looks like the Portharcout born lady is doing well.

She is into Online buying and selling of cosmetic products with over 300 thousand followers on Instagram.

The popular Instagram celebrity has contacts of Nigerian Actress and musicians that she sells her markets to and these people like her so much that they are rooting for her go win the show.

(3) Ike: The born and raised Americana has been able to prove that he wasn’t brought up with a wooden spoon.

The gold necklace he has been wearing since he got to big brother house is enough to speak for him. One can see through his skin because it is always glowing.

Ike is no doubt a butty boy that grew up with comfort and enjoyment.

(2) Seyi: Owing to Seyi’s family background, many people seem to expect a lot from him and they has expressed as much on social media.

Some people feel he is quite a talkative while others seem to enjoy his playful nature. Seyi happens to be the grandson of late Nigerian nationalist, Obafemi Awolowo.

“According to him, his family can stand in front of anybody including the queen of England. Everyone in Nigeria knows his lineage so he doesn’t need to brag before he is noticed.

(1) Mike: Few hours into big brother, rumour had it that the Olympic Athlete is a proud owner of a Royce rolls.

Whether it is a lie or not, Mike’s good look ,spoken English, glowing and healthy skin is a proof that he was born with a silver spoon. One of these features he said made way for him into the big brother house.

Mike is said to be born and raised in U.S.A but he currently resides in U.K with his wife.

The 28 year old seems to be the most comfortable yet, he is very humble and he has been able to adapt to the environment, also has been able to build a relationship with the other housemates.

Who is your favourite among these people?

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