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Couple Welcomes Quadruplets In Jos After 7 Years Of Marriage (Photos)

Seven years after their marriage, Mrs. Manji Sebastian Pyoklam and her husband, Sebastian of Jos South LGA of Plateau State kept running helter-skelter and praying to have a child. Then, to their utter astonishment, Mrs. Manji got pregnant last year. Shortly after Mrs. Manji told her husband she was pregnant, they went to the hospital, only to be told after a scan that she will be having a set of quadruplets. The news was as exciting as it was shocking.

On February 9, 2019 she gave birth to quadruplets – two boys and two girls through caesarian section. “This is my first pregnancy,” she said.

Mrs. Manji, 33, who works with the Plateau State government, is the first to have quadruplets in the state. “There are records of twins in my mother’s family, but I am the first to have quadruplets in our family and even in the state,” she said. “The pregnancy was quite peaceful and stress free, but it made me eat heavily.”

Manji’s husband, Mr. Sebastian Pyokalam Jibrin, a businessman and part-time lecturer at the College of Health, Zawan, is elated at becoming a father after seven years.

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