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See the Ghanaian singer doesn’t know the meaning of CRS

Kumasi based singer, Yaa Jackson has become a subject of ridicule in Ghana after she failed to state correctly the full-meaning of CRS, a subject she studies at secondary school.

The singer was a guest on Peace FM where she was asked to list the subjects she takes at school. When asked for the full-meaning of CRS, which is one of the subjects, Yaa Jackson stated that it means Christian Religious Service.

The singer who is famed to wear expensive dresses seemed so confident about her answers until she was corrected by a member of her team that she made a mistake. The member of her team told her that CRS means Christian Religious Studies.

Yaa Jackson who attends Presbyterian Girls Senior High School once revealed plans to drop out.

When I realize the music is doing well, I will drop out of school and pursue that because when you complete school you may still need to look for a job and be paid monthly”.

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