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Emiliano Sala: Guernsey Police Deliver Search Update

Guernsey Police have begun a coastal search as they continue to look for the missing plane which carried Cardiff striker Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson.

Two days of searching has resulted in notrace of the missing aircraft.

On Monday, the plane with Sala and Ibbotson disappeared from radar near the Channel Islands.

It had been flying at 5,000 feet but was at 2,300 when Jersey air traffic controllers lost contact.

On Wednesday, Guernsey police were working on the possibility Sala and Ibbotson may still be alive but unable to make contact for help.

And the Channel Islands Air Search confirmed the search was now a recovery operation.

But in an update this morning, Guernsey police announced they would be recommencing their search.

MySportDab report Guernsey police wrote on Twitter: “We are commencing a coastal search using be Channel Islands Air Search plane of Burhou, the Casquets, Alderney, the north coast of the Cherbourg Peninsula, north coast of Jersey and then back over Sark.”

It has since emerged Sala hired the private plane because he was concerned about getting back in time for training.

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