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How I Slept With An Instagram Slay Queen For Free - Man Narrates

This is a trending story of how a man tricked a slay queen into sleeping with him without paying a dime. The faceless man narrates the processes he went through to improve his image and get between her legs.

The story has attracted mixed reactions online with many lambasting the man for putting his energy into the wrong venture.

Read his story below:

"I use to see her comment often and she made so much sense that attracted me so I sent her a dm, she keeps reading and ignoring until she finally replied , that I am not her class of man. Bom I felt so bad because I know I am good looking and very comfortable, guess she judged my pictures because I am not even a picture type , I felt so bad that I made up my mind to make her an assignment.

I opened another Instagram handle and started snapping pictures, I went to different nice backgrounds and took pictures but I made one particular background my favorite and in that background was an abandoned Range Rover so every morning I took it upon myself to wash that car to take pictures, it became my regular spot and I had lots of girls following me, but they never wondered why I never moved , maybe because I always hang a at key on my waist but I made use the key was not visible only the fancy key holder , I did that for 3 months and I still monitored the girl , until I was ready to submit my assignment, so I sent her a dm.

She replied under 3 min and we got chatting and exchanged numbers, I sent her 1k recharge card 3 times and took her out, but she paid because I played her and pretended like I forgot my card at home . The first thing she asked was my car , Range Rover and I told her that I bashed it and had to move it to China for them to fix it since I don’t trust Nigeria Mecanic. I was using my main Honda baby boy to drive her around. That day I took her to a hotel and banged the living day light out of her , the next day in the morning I begged her for anal sex, she refused until I made a fake call and she overheard me calling 300 million, I knew she was paying attention, as soon as I came out of the bath room, this girl had already set her yansh on the bed for me and I almost killed her because I went with force and she was bleeding.

Still I did not care, I made sure I gave her a remarkable mark . She could not walk for a while , before I drove her to her house . In the evening I still went to her house and banged her but this time in her pussy because her ass was still in pain.

To show you what money can do she endured every pain until I was done, gave her a cheque of 2 million naira. As soon as she saw the cheque, she told me to do her again that her anus is oke since I enjoyed it and I pounced on her again. It was a fake cheque and fake signature. I have blocked her and she has been using different numbers to threaten me. It feels so good to be the one telling the story. I passed my assignment and I am not on her level. Foolish girls!"

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