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Traders Caught Mixing Sniper Insecticide With Beans (PHOTOS)

A group of traders were recently videos mixing a highly poisonous insecticide called 'Sniper' with raw beans meant for sale.

It was gathered that the traders were seen packaging the poisoned beans for sale to other parts of the country or export. Eyewitness, Debola Akingbade wrote;

"Plz. Stop eating beans or if u must eat beans,make sure u per-boiled it very well and dispose the water. I went to market on Sunday morning and could not believe what my eyes saw. Hausa boys were mixing sniper with beans a chemical that is very high in acidic concentration and capable of killing anything that comes in contact with it. Whether human or insect. Plz send this post to ur love ones until all Nigerians are aware of this. Save a soul by sharing this post."

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