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Tonto Dikeh Shares Tips On Relationship To Save One From Stress And Heartaches

Actress, Tonto Dikeh is serving us some major goals this Saturday. From the point of a relationship expert, the mum of one urges young people to be cautious before falling in love.

The award winning philanthropist also says ”red flags” should be taken seriously, as they are pointers that people usually ignore.

She wrote: These are simple lessons which every young person needs to know and understand.

They will save you heartache and stress.

1. People will apologize. Many times over and over again. If this happens, there is a pattern there. Believe the pattern, not the 20 apologies. Ask yourself “Why so many apologies anyway?”

2. Don’t fall in love with the potential of what they can be. If you’re going to fall in love, fall in love with what they are. The potential will be an added bonus…if it ever comes.

3. A “red flag” is a warning traditionally used to warn people that danger is coming. In life we see red flags in our relationships and in our own actions. When you see that flag, do not ignore it. Examine it. Figure out what the warning is for.

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