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SS3 Student Beaten Over Mercedes Benz Gift 100 Level Boyfriend Gave Her

Earlier this week, we reported that a 16-year-old SS3 student got a Mercedes Benz, iWatch and Iphone X Max from her boyfriend, a 100 level student as birthday gift.

In the video which went viral, the Abuja based student, Zubairu was spotted leading Nihat to where the Benz was parked, as friends and well wishers gathered to witness the special moment.

However Twitter users who seem to know the couple, have disclosed that the SS3 student was beaten by her parents over the gifts and relationship. It was further gathered that Zubairu reportedly stole the money for birthday gifts to his girlfriend. @Nabeelah_Abdull wrote;

So I heard Zubairu and his babe got the beating of their lifelord where are the zubairu goal keepers?? it's arewa what do you expect not some whites

Yes yess. Their parents didn't betray arewa culture oooo. Zubairu stole the money they said so nobody will want their guy to be like that now I guess. He stole his brother-in-law's money.

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