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Bobrisky Slams Singer Who Accused Him Of Scamming Him

US-based Nigerian musician, King Holywood, posted a video on IG, claiming Bobrisky scammed him of his hard earned money. In his post, the musician threatened to attack Bobrisky wherever he sees him.

Bobrisky has now fired back. Read his response below

”Good morning…. Nigerians I woke to see dis man rant about paying him his money he cannot mention (50k) ???????. Okay two months ago dis man send me a dm to help him post his song which we agreed for one day post on Instagram for 50,000. His team beg me for more days that they want me to play his song for 1week. And I told them If they want more than a day it has to be on snap since I have more views on snap daily…..I played the guys song on Snapchat for four days only for me to read a message from them after one week, that they want me to post on my Ig not Snapchat.

And I was like ?I already carried out you guys jobs on snap….if u want Ig then wait at my comfortable time. Ever since then dis guy keep asking me to pay them the 50,000 he paid to me. Hey mr man your 50k is absolutely nothing to me rant from now to next year…is your business. Secondly I don’t scam people is not in my my blood. I hustle hard that some of u had once castigated me but after watching me grow in success then u are bringing small change deal ???. I’m still waiting to see ur worst. You are shouting 50k do u know how much I give people everyday just to assist them without knowing who they are ? Anyways u already had your way enjoy the few hours of fame. Going back to bed cheers ?”

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