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TeeBillz finally remorseful about his failed marriage

Tiwa Savage’s ex-husband, Tunji Balogun seems to be very remorseful and confessed where he missed it in his marriage to Tiwa.

The couple, who has been rumored to be divorced still share a friendship due to their son.

TeeBillz, who had gone through some sessions with a life coach after his split from Tiwa wrote on Instagram:

“We Can Never Heal The Same – Tiwa Ex, Teebillz shares lengthy message about his past mistakes, Read Below. “They say that time heals all wounds & I can honestly say that, that is a true statement. Everyone’s healing will come in different forms because as we do not all hurt the same, we can never heal the same. Just because you were able to move past something and be ok in a shorter time frame than the next person that has gone through the same thing, it does not make you a stronger individual. You’re just different, that’s all.

I could’ve written this post a different way and come from a totally different angle but it is unnecessary for those that are intelligent enough to read between the lines. Just because you’ve lost a fight it does not mean that you’ve been demoted & taken off of your square. It just means that you were tried in a certain area that you may have once been victorious & now you came up shorter than you have in the past. So what!!! Its like having one winter coat that you can’t stand but it’s cold outside & you have to either go to work or to school.

What do you do? Do you not go and run the risk of being fired? No you do not. You grab that ugly ass coat, put one arm in at a time, pull that collar out & you wear it. Does it feel good? No. However, you take your ass to work, stack your paper and when you can afford better you get one better. Chess moves Champ. Of course there was a time when I’ve substituted a Chess piece with a Checker piece.

We all have. You make that wrong move, learn from it, never repeat your mistakes, make new ones but you learn from all of them moving forward. The people that love you will always love you if it is and has always been unconditional. If not, you step over the phony ones and you move on”. BehindTheSmoke

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