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Selena Gomez broke down after Justin Bieber reportedly married Hailey

Selena Gomez broke down and was thrown “off guard” by Justin Bieber’s marriage to Hailey Baldwin, according to sources.

It’s being claimed that Selena, 26, took it hard when ex-boyfriend Justin got engaged to and then married the 21-year-old model last month.

Bieber’s whirlwind romance and surprise proposal to Baldwin shortly after his relationship with Selena Gomez ended had a “deep impact” on the singer, a new People report claims.

A source revealed:

Selena can be a delicate flower, especially because she has had constant medical struggles, but Justin’s engagement and quick marriage threw her off guard and hit her hard.

Selena is currently seeking treatment at an East Coast psychiatric facility receiving dialectical behavior therapy, DBT, after suffering an emotional breakdown.

An insider to the website:

She and Justin have been on and off for years, although they were so young when it all began. Justin was her first big love, and she isn’t over him.

It was also reported that her mental breakdown was also complicated by her medical issue as a Kidney transplant recipient. She is however reported to be recuperating since she started treatment at the facility.

The lovebirds were still together earlier 2018 and it looked like they were trying everything possible to make their relationship work out, before they fell out again.

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