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“I’m Not About To Get Married To Any Fellow Actor” – Toyin Abraham

It was a joyful news for many including Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, when she was asked to be the wife of her lover. The news of her engagement was widespread and many fans wanted to know who the lucky guy was.

Somehow, Toyin has managed to keep his identity a secret. While some close friends and family friends know who he is, some fans are of the thought that she might be walking down the aisle with a fellow actor.

Abraham, however, seemed very displeased with rumours flying around and decided to clear the air in a recent post.

Sharing a photo of her looking stunning in a black sequin dress and fur, she revealed that she is not in anyway involved with an actor and will be the first to let her fans know when her wedding day is set.

Read her post below:

“I am Not About to Get Married to Any Fellow Actor” – Toyin Abraham “It has come to my attention reports from some quarters saying that I am about to get married to a fellow actor. This assertion, insinuation and report is false and fallacious. I have respect for actors but I am not about to get married to anyone who is an actor.

I have been busy with my work as an actor, working tirelessly on my TV, my lip stick launch and other businesses.

The only relationship I have with any man in the industry is purely professional and it is high time we stop insinuating and spreading false rumours when we see two colleagues of opposite sex working together. That is what the job entails and I expect that people should be smarter than this.

If and when I am ready to walk down the aisle, you will not be hearing it from the rumour mongers, gossip magazine that are no longer in the city and people hell bent on cooking up imaginative stories about me. You will be hearing it from me directly.

I reiterate that I am not about to get married to ANY fellow actor.” Signed: Toyin Abraham


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