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Being Feminine Is Not A Crime; Bobrisky Inspires Me – James Brown

For Obialor, popularly known as James Brown or ‘They didn’t caught me’, getting arrested a few months ago appears to be a blessing in disguise as the dancer shot into the limelight when he was paraded by the police on national television.

Soon after the video clip surfaced online, Brown became an Internet sensation because of the grammatical blunders he made.

According to the young dancer, he was at the venue because he was scheduled to perform at the party that day but unfortunately for him, he was arrested along with some other young men when he was just about to hit the stage to perform.

Recently, celebrity cross-dresser, Bobrisky, made a public declaration on his Instagram page about how he was inspired by Obialor’s video after it went viral.

He wrote, “James, I’m inspired by you, darling, because you came out to tell the world what you were going through. The day I saw your viral video, I was like who is this strong guy. Now, let me tell you, darling, ask me anything; I mean, your heart desire, I’m ready to support you. Let’s start from N100,000 cash first. Please find your way to my house tomorrow please (sic).”

In a telephone conversation with Saturday Beat, the 20-year-old dancer talked about how his meeting with Bobrisky inspired him and how he was arrested and accused wrongly.

“I was happy and inspired when I met Bobrisky. I was about to perform on stage at the birthday party when the police officials came to arrest some guys and girls. I didn’t even know my video would go viral like that. I had to talk back at the policemen because I was being accused wrongly and I had to defend myself.

“They accused me wrongly because I act feminine when I talk and being feminine is not a crime; I have always been like this since I was a child. I was about eight years old when I started dancing; I used to stay with my grandma and she was the only person that was supporting me at that time,” he told Saturday Beat.

Obialor’s video went viral locally and internationally, to the extent that American artiste, 50 Cent, posted the video clip on his Instagram page.

“I was happy when 50 Cent reposted the video because he said something nice about it. This new fame that has found me has opened many doors for me, but the sad thing is that my parents are not in support of what I am doing. I intend to use this avenue to start making income for myself.

“My dad doesn’t believe I can make a living from my fame; I need to convince him by becoming the real celebrity people want me to be,” he said.

Obialor made a shocking revelation when he disclosed his HIV status on the Internet and he further confirmed to Saturday Beat that he had been HIV positive from birth.

“I talked about my HIV status to make my case stronger; a policeman actually discriminated against me because of my status when I had to stay in police custody after the arrest. I told them I needed to take my medication because of my status but they talked down on me and made me feel bad.

“I was 12 when I discovered my status after my dad told me about it. I was born with the virus. After I came out to talk about my status openly, I have received love and support from people,” he said.

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