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Wale says he gets depressed on his birthday

Wale who turned a year older today, took to Twitter to disclose that he gets depressed on his birthday.

The Nigerian-American rapper who disclosed that he is going to fight the depression with all his might, also listed things he is thankful for.

Read tweets from Wale below;

I get Uber depressed on my birthday .. I’m gonna try an fight that with all my might. I got a lot to be proud of although depression dgaf

Sometimes u can’t mKe a “choice “ to be happy and that sucks. But whatever I’m thankful for all the fans/support I have that REALLY got me

I’m thankful to have several platinum records and to be in an amazing creative space with a label that trust me

And I’m thankful for my Zyla . I wanted to be father of the year everyday .. but life happens and I’m just a father .. trying .

Praying 1day she will know . I often times feel I’m the most misunderstood person on the, but any misunderstood person knows there’s more

But anyway 2 years ago on this day I almost did something horrible and I’m thankful I failed at it. Bdays suck to me I don’t wanna lie to u

Wit that said. If u reading this and got love for me. Thank you from the bottom, top and middle of my cold Lil heart … love -Olubowale

PS.. I’m not like ungrateful/negative. jus a lil weird 9/21 .love u if u love me . If u hate me.. well I’ll jst reluctantly like u..a lil

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