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5 Places In Lagos Where Your Phone Could Get Snatched (Photos)

Phone snatching is invariably the most common crime carried out in Lagos on a daily basis. The funny thing is that this thing occur in no time, as in so swift.

This menace is carried out in different forms and mode, it can be via pick pocketing, it can be a motorcycle zooming pass you and phone is gone, it can anyway you can envisage.

Everybod in lagos is one or the other staying glue to their mobile phones either to be texting, checking social medias, or catching glipse of latest news.

Inspite, this occuring steadily in Lagos, there are 5 major area in the state,where this act is most rapid. From peoples experience we’ve come up with 5 convesrant place.

1.  Oshodi

Oshodi should have been the captal of Lagos state really, because that area literally connect all places in the state, If you are going places in this Lagos, it’s rare for you not to go through Oshodi, So the jampacking in that axis is much.

Phone snatching is the simplest thing in that place, as a friend of ours narrates his ordeal at oshodi.

“I was standing at the under bridge patiently waiting for Ikorrodu bus to arrive, I was jamming to music on my phone with my earpods sticked to my ears.

At last the bus arrived, It was a rushing affair to get into it, I sha rugged am enter sha, So i decided to start back my song, cause it stopped, so i thought I exhausted the tracklist songs already, Mehn! it was my phone that got exhausted Oo.

I can’t even suspect anybody really, It was like a dream till I got to Ikorodu Bus stop.”

2. Ikeja

Ikeja is the Tech Hub of Lagos. The famous computer village is at Ikeja, at computer village you can get anything gadget, anything I said.

” Ia bad experience really. Its always people selling phones at Ikeja, it’s like they have a special pick pocket guys working for them, they are to trail anybody who bought from them and didn’t keep it well, should be snatched and return back to the seller, they cam even sell fufu for you self

It’s like a magic how my newly bought Nokia symbian phone then left me without even seeing its new home, such a bad day, devil drank water”

3. Ajah

There’s no play in this area Ooo! Imagine 2 people phone snatched at a goal in this place.

Just like play, we got home and can’t find our phones on usagain.. Unfathonmable! The place look posh and rich,but those bad guys are somewhere looking dapper and cool, but they’re looking for mugus to teach lessons.

4. Mile 12

When you first hear Mile 12, the first thinking that will recede your head is groceries for your home, Right? Well not a wrong notion though, but there’s something ectra to that place.

Mile 12 is also one the dangerous place to go if you are not smart enough, else your day might be ruined, we can’t really say, if the second job of the traders is to pick pocket, or prolly they have some guys meant for that. just saying though as the atrocities in that area is unbeatable.

5.  Ijora

This area is not lagging behind when it comes to the most dangerous place in Lagos whether day or night.

Ijora, a well populated area in Lagos state mostly occupied by the Hausas, Fulanis, Yorubas and a large number of people from Kwara State is a Transportation business hub during day and night as Vehicles heading to different part of the Country can easily be boarded there.

With Individuals raking in serious amount of Money daily, it’s funny how the crime rate gets more troubling daily.

If you are in Ijora, don’t sleep on it ooo, keep your phone close to your heart if you cherish it, else you might have a story to tell when you get to your destination and it won’t be a cool one.

They are called Losting boyz in that lungu. Ijoro/Badia/Amukoko/Safejo is a zone for Thugs & Criminals.

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