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Heartbreaking: Woman Who Was Told She Was Cancer Free Dies Just 3 Months After Wedding

                                                   Leah Debono on her hospital bed

Leah Debono, a 26-year-old  newlywed woman who was told she was cancer free - died three months after she got married.

According to The Sun UK, Leah Debono died from melanoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer in January this year, after docs dismissed her complaints of feeling ill, as post-wedding stress.

Her 29-year-old widower Ben, told 60 Minutes images of Leah lying in hospital still haunts him.

Struggling to deal with the pain she could have endured, Ben added: "At the time of our wedding she was riddled with cancer. She would have had a brain tumour at that stage as well."

Around three-years-ago Leah went to doctors after she noticed an unusual mole on her arm. But they reassured her it was nothing to be concerned about.

                                                   Leah Debono on her wedding day 

For cosmetic reasons, the young woman eventually decided to get the lump and surrounding lymph nodes removed.

She had a number of check-ups over the years, with the last one being seven days before her wedding.

In a tragic turn of events, the 26-year-old began to feel unwell a month after she married Ben, and she suddenly collapsed at work.

At this point, docs discovered the skin cancer had spread throughout her hospital.

When she felt unwell, Mr Debono Lea rang him "and was all hysterical — like she knew straight away that something was wrong".

Now he and Leah's parents are desperately trying to figure out how the medical system could fail the young Aussie, who was told she was cancer-free.

“We watched her take her last breath. You don’t ever want to have to go through something like that, it’s really cruel,” Leah’s father, Lex, told the programme.

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