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British Woman Caught Her Baby Daddy Resting In Bed With Her Mother After S*x

A British woman who suspected her baby daddy was sleeping with her mother decided to set a trap for them and her trap caught them red-handed.

To confirm her suspicions, the woman told her baby daddy to bring their son to her mother's house and he should sleep over till she returns. Then the following morning, she arrived unannounced to find her mother and baby daddy together in bed.

Upon sighting them, she screamed in anger and her mother jumped up from the bed and tried to explain but her daughter wasn't having it.

"There's nothing going on," the mother explained.

"There's four beds in this f****** house and a couch," she scolded them for sleeping together in a bed.

The baby daddy on his part woke up during the ruckus but lay back down and slept as mother and daughter quarreled.

Watch the video below...

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