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"You cant can't sue a man for cheating in this country because it is celebrated here" - Toke Makinwa

Nigerian OAP, Toke Makinwa, who wrote a book off her marriage to Maje Ayida which crashed after her husband got his side chic, Anita Solomon pregnant in 2015, in a recent edition of Moments girl talk, deliberated on the topic, ‘Why Men Cheat’, alongside the shows hosts Bolanle and Tallula and co-guests, singers Toni Tones and Peeshuan.

On her part, the media personality said she feels that all men cheat and that in Africa, cheating is celebrated instead of it to be rebuked.

Toke, who said cheating will reduce if women shame their friends who date married men, also blamed women who know their sons have five girlfriends, but welcome them all without cautioning their son for encouraging cheating.

“Some women are the problem. Your son has four, five girlfriends. You know them, you smile in their faces.We live in a society and the culture that we have unfortunately believes that cheating is….you can’t sue a man for cheating in this country.

“If the man is selling and we are not buying, he would stop. We, women, are the problem.

You find a man cheat on his wife cheat on his wife and you find reasons to make excuses for why he cheated. Maybe she wasn’t sleeping with him, Maybe she wasn’t unhappy, maybe she is a witch. I have had that been said to me. I have been cheated on publicly and

I never saw women come out to say you know what, what this man did was wrong. You find them say is she the only one? What’s the big deal? Guess what, your child would go through it”

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