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Victor Banjo's Children Speak 50 Years After His Demise

By Deji Yesufu

Today, September 1, 2017, the scheduled media project to shed light on the person and life of Brigadier Victor Adebukunola Banjo begins.

To kick start the project, the first son of the late Nigerian army officer, Dele Victor-Banjo, shall be speaking through an article. I have decided to serialize that article in three parts and shall begin publishing today.

Following his, Banjo's first child, Funto Banjo Oyeleye, will have the floor with her own article. She will be shedding light on happenings in their home that morning of January 17th, 1966. Since she is the oldest, she alone has the best recollection of the day their father was arrested.

Olayinka Banjo Omigbodun, Banjo's third child, will be speaking through an article on her father also. After her, we hope to have something from Adeyemi Banjo, the Banjo family youngest child. He was six months old when their father was arrested.

There will be videos made on their father. And some of the articles here will be published in national dailies. There will also be radio and newspaper interviews.

The month of September, 2017, is a solemn month for the Banjo family. They would rather have spent this month in quiet solitude. But journalists like us have gotten them out to speak.

I therefore request that comments made on these threads with hash-tag Victor Banjo be made with due respect to them and their late father.

Following their own media project, I'll begin to publish my book on their father: The Story of Victor Banjo. The book will be available on Amazon.com and Okadabooks.com. Watch out for it.

Thank you.

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