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Shina Peller’s 11-year-old daughter goes into music

Naomi Peller, 11-year-old daughter of nightlife king and socialite, Shina Peller has made her debut in the Nigerian music industry with her single ‘Believe’.

Naomi’s first performance in front of a large crowd was on 17th August 2017, at the Peller Unity Cup Final organized by her Dad, in memory of her Grandad, Professor Peller, as she also had her first recording debut when she was 9.

Taking to Instagram to announce the release of the official music video of her daughter who plays the violin, the guitar and the piano, Shina Peller wrote;

  ‘Hey everyone! My daughter @naomipeller music video for BELIEVE is out! Go check it out on YouTube at Naomi Peller. Really fun and exciting video, can’t wait for you all to see it! Link in her Bio’.

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