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Promising Young Nigerian Footballer Dies Following Bug Bite

A talented young Nigerian footballer has been confirmed dead following a mystery bug bite. The bite had first made his ears ache  and caused him hallucinations and seizures before he finally gave up the ghost.

The family of the young Josh Ayuba, 18, have paid tribute to “an amazing son” who was “intelligent” and “always smiling”.

According to his family, his last days on earth had seen him unable to recognise anyone in the family.
he family is still awaiting report from health experts on what really killed their son and brother.

The late Josh died two weeks after first complaining of an extremely painful earache which caused him to miss football training.

His family and football team manager, Mark Hilfiker, urged him to see his doctor because he was becoming distressed.

Josh,visited his GP where he was given medicine.

But after not being able to eat and sleep properly for five days, he returned to the clinic where another doctor immediately sent him to the A and E department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

An unknown bacteria had formed and reached his brain, which started causing him to hallucinate and suffer numerous seizures.

Last Tuesday, he was put in the intensive care unit, and from then onwards he could not even recognise his own family, to their despair.

Josh died at around 7pm on Sunday night, and he leaves behind an abundance of people who loved him, especially his two sisters Ruth and Jubilee.

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