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Nigerian Guy Explains Why He Can’t Date A Lady Who Earns Below N200K

A Nigerian guy, Eric Okafor through his social media page, stated that he can not date a lady that earns less than N200k and explained why.

Eric Okafor took to his Twitter page to state his opinion, he said;

Can’t date a babe that earns less than 200k…don’t come and dull my souls my bills biko

A female follower then said she hopes Eric Okafor earns more than a million in a month, says she and her hubby can’t be earning six figures together.

Eric Okafor replied;

I wonder if you’d argue for why women need to be paid less than men for the same job cuz it sure seems like it from where i’m standing

Another female follower argued with him saying he has to be ambitious because if he earns so much, he wouldn’t be worried.

The Nigeria guy responded;

How many people are earning so much in this country? Worrying is an individual thing..I won’t worry so far if I don’t lower my standards

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