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Mistakes Men Make While Choosing A Wife In Nigeria

This was written by Richie of Chatinent.

The Igbo people say: 'he who finds a wife has found a good thing.' A wife is really not only a helper, but can also be a mother to your heart and friend. Whereas, most men become a character in the Cinderella play but with no shoe to fit any leg. Here are most mistakes men make:

1. A decent girl. Every man needs a decent girl. There's an adage in Iboland which says (when translated) 'you will always get what you give.' Karma is single and wishes to marry any volunteer anytime, anyplace. Yes, you would always meet a girl the kind of person you are. Wonder, how can you be searching for a 'Mary-Magdalene' inside a night club? What's the decency in a girl who exposes her body through transparent clothes? All right, if afterall you get a decent girl, how do you make ripe such decency to bear good frutition.

2. Oh Minaj! Many men long to have their personal minaj. They go after body shape in place of future shape. My brother, do you seek a wife of a forever sex-mate? There exist many things to look at in a woman; character, sense of humour and belonging, taste, adaptive sense, not just wanting a bed-wife.

3. Is she a virgin? Hello? Where did this question come from? Who then will marry those you deflower? Oh yeah, it's you I'm asking!

4. Men fail to ask and know more about the girl. Some discreet class of men about to get married go as far as visiting the girl's hometown and know more. Yes, it matters.

5. Marry her 'cos of family pressure. Are you kidding me? A wife should be a life partner not a pressure alternative, why then do you look for a feminine material just to fulfil all righteousness?

6. Pikin Pikin Pikin! Grandson grandson grandson! Laughs. The scientists say children is the only good product of sexual relation. It is so true. Who doesn't need a child?

The feeling of getting a child (probably a male child) as culture demands is making an uproar in Nigeria. Men should seek wife-before-child wife and not child-before-wife wife, however, most mothers are not helping out, this way, pushes the guy into a forced marriage.

7. Where does she come from? This question seem to be most ear-seasoning to mothers and family. I do tell my folks that it is not where a person comes from which matters, it is the person's personality that does.

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