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‘Forgive him Coleen, we only had a bit of harmless fun’ – Party girl tells Rooney’s wife

29-year-old office manager Laura Simpson, who is at the center of the crisis rocking footballer, Wayne Rooney’s marriage and the striker’s drink-drive arrest, has begged the England star’s pregnant wife, Coleen to forgive him as they only had a bit of harmless fun.

Recall that after Wayne Rooney’s arrest, Laura claimed that they kissed and cuddled while enjoying a whirlwind night boozing at a bar last Thursday, a confession that made Coleen, who was on holiday at that time with her parents and three sons in Mallorca, leave their £6million mansion.

 According to DailyMail,  Miss Simpson who talked about Coleen who is being advised by friends to dump her husband, said;

‘I can understand her being mad with him over the arrest, that was stupid and on reflection, he should never have driven my car but he didn’t seem to be over the limit.

‘But she can’t blame him for anything that happened with me because nothing did really although we would have ended up s******g no doubt. What we did was only a bit of harmless fun.’

‘It was a kiss and cuddle, nothing more. I can see it looks bad but it wasn’t really and she must be mad at me and him.’

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