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Cop arrested for faking his own death

A Texas cop who was arrested for faking his death and then escaping to Mexico has quit his police job.

Austin police officer Coleman Martin — just a week shy of his 30th birthday — walked into police headquarters with his attorney to hand in his resignation letter Wednesday, The Austin-American Statesman reported.

Martin went missing on April 26, sparking a police hunt that involved local and federal resources.

The department later apologized for the use of resources.

The officer’s wife called the police saying her husband was in “distress,” an affidavit states.A suicide note was found in Martin’s abandoned car. A woman, who wasn’t his wife and had a “close relationship” with, told authorities that he had boasted to her about faking his death.

Martin had told the woman that he rode a bike to a convenience store and then hopped on a taxi that dropped him off at a U.S.-Mexico border crossing.

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