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Bobrisky does 5k promo for his snapchat subscription

Bobrisky may be in need of cash to shut down Lagos on Saturday,as he has been forced to run a promo for fans to subscribe to his premium snapchat account.

The cross-dresser says he has reduced the price from N10,000 to N5,000 for a day to enable fans pay. He wrote

Is happening live on Saturday evening...... I wanna shake Lagos. Three best makeup 💄 artist in Lagos, 7 different lovely 😊 dress 👗, mad shoes 👠, 40 inches Indian hair. 7cakes . Some of my fans are student 👨‍🎓 and dey love me dearly. Some of them are living abroad and dey are messaging me that dey want to watch my birthday live on snap. So I decided to go for 5k to add me just for tommorrow. After tommorrow my snap remain 10k.I want u all to see d video and believe all d money am spending are REAL

For someone who had tens of thousands of views in a day on his free snapchat account, this change must be hitting him hard.

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