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Actor Wilson Joshua Blasts Actor Odera For Releasing The Viral Death Video Of Bossman

Nollywood Actor Wilson Joshua blast Odera for releasing the viral video of late nollywood actor Boss man

"And Odera was busy making a Video of Boss mans lifeless body and even released it, and now it's trending online, it's a pity and a shameful thing that we blacks mismanage/misuse social media and electronic gadgets, who would feel happy if his lifeless body is paraded on social media, in less than 1day over 10million people have viewed boss man's body in the car, do you know the emotional , traumatic condition or state his friends, family , Fans and loved ones are in? 

Even had to show his face, as what? For what? , When you should be mourning your friend that just died you had time to make a video, to prove he is dead or what?

Quote me anywhere it's wrong for Odera to have made that video and worse for him to have realised it. 

RIP Boss."

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