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Young African man shows off his ‘vodoo shrine’ that allegedly vomits money on social media

Dressed in a red outfit and a red scarf, a young Guinean Facebook user, Ousmane Soro, showed off his ‘voodoo shrine’ filled with red candles and red materials and cowries, which allegedly vomits money for him anytime he needs it.

He wrote;

”Money is money it is who is not who talks a lot if not us family of zamou gang we are up for success so the money here is not a problem with us the sun is off, the day is On our way, the moon is our light of success, all the incatation are in neantir, we are the lords of the night gold the money the world is in our palm.
Water Lav but money rand clean but îl need to know the secret of money thank you to my vodou to my 777 Genie continues to vomit money… I am #king _ zamou not la for laughs the sacred mostre
Zamou gang  Succeed or die Money or money”money”

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