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Woman Attacked By Armed Robbers In Abuja As Bullet Fired Brushed Her Arm

A woman identified as Angbiandoo Zainab Adama was attacked at about 11.30pm in her residence last night in Abuja. The boys who were about four(4) in number shot at the door when she was about opening it and in the process, the bullet brushed her arm. According to reports, she was asked to bring money that she kept in the house or provide someone who would give them money that night, else she would be killed.

She was reportedly given the beating of her life before whisking her to an unknown location in her car, where she was abandoned with no phone and anybody to contact. Vigilante in the area saw her wandering and assisted her to get to the nearest police station after listening to her ordeal.

She was brought to the police clinic at the Police HQ and treated.

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