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Uganda Ekyogero Traditional Bath Is Believed To Bring Goodluck

As shared on Instagram: Ekyogero is a popular cultural bath in many community in Uganda for newborn babies consisting of various herbs. The use of ekyogero is widespread in Uganda, but it is more common among tribes from central, western and south-western Uganda.

Rose Namuli, an elderly Muganda woman, says according to the Kiganda culture, the herbal bath is a must for a newborn baby.

Traditionally, the baby's grandmother gathered particular herbs like olweza, ebombo, omwolola and omwetango. In addition, she had the responsibility of teaching her daughter-in-law how to boil the herbs and bathe the baby, she explains.

According to Namuli, not only is the herbal bath used to cleanse and give the baby a smooth skin, it is also believed to bring good luck to the baby and ward off curses. She adds that ekyogero prevents skin rash (enoga).

Norah Ahabwe, an elderly woman from Mbarara, says when a newborn baby is bathed in ekyogero, she gets good luck and is given some to drink to protect it against diseases like malaria. She says the herbal concoction also boosts appetite and cleans the digestive system.

Jolly Byenkya, the minister of culture in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, says about 10 herbs are gathered and boiled to make ekyogero.

She says the baby is bathed in the herbs from the first day of birth up to three months. Byenkya adds that the herbal bath is intended to prevent bad luck and diseases.

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