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These 3 Innocent/Casual Habits Will Get You Fired From Your Job

Many fired employees are quick to blame employers for getting them fired.

In as much as many people tend to see the termination coming, others receive a rude awakening to reality when they get fired for something seemingly small.

Guytalk Podcast was able to analyze the behaviors that ultimately lead to loss of jobs by many young people and as much as we will like to blame employers for being insensitive and inconsiderate, truth is, many times we are responsible.

Below are some of the innocent habits that can get one fired from their jobs:

1. Flirting: Flirting is basically something which naturally happens in an organization with male and female workers.

Sometimes, however, this comes off the wrong way to certain people (especially women) and can lead to a sexual assault accusation.

Others have been known to use a persistent flirting with them as an instrument of revenge to get them kicked out of the organization.

Heavy flirting also rubs off the wrong way to third parties as a person comes off as unprofessional and unserious. Sometimes the HR takes note and uses it as an excuse to let one go from their job.

Know who you flirt with.

2. Gossiping and snide comments: The allure of juicy gossip is undeniably hard to resist. However, this sometimes can lead to feelings getting hurt and people seeking opportunity to get one kicked out of an organization.

Gossiping about a colleague especially at work, increases the chances of spreading wrong information about them. this can lead to defamation claims and get you kicked out of the company if an investigation is done and you are pinpointed as the source of the rumor.

Snide comments also leads to termination if it repeatedly comes from you nd people have laid complaints about it to the HR.

This will translate to inability to work with a team and can get you kicked out of a company you love working with.

3. Spending time on social media: This is a distraction. Distractions cost time. Time is money. Employers want to believe they have all your time during work hours and if you are one who is noticeably always chatting or Skyping at work, they will attribute any lapse in your duties to this.

The attention span of every person is short and spending time on social media makes it hard to concentrate and focus totally at work.

Except you work in an organization where it makes your work better being on social media, try to spend less time on your phone during working hours.

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