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McGregor is a dead man-Floyd Mayweather's father vows

Mayweather Senior has revealed he is going to knock Conor Mccgregor out after his son,Floyd is done with him.He also said the younger fighter is a dead man.Speaking to reporters, Mayweather senior said

“I told him (McGregor) I would knock him out,” said the 64-year-old, who is back in his son’s camp. “I told him when my son has whipped your ass, I will do it next.
“That confidence McGregor has got? It’s going nowhere.
"We are going to take him out to the body - that is what is going to happen.
“I’m not gonna call the round but all I am telling you is that McGregor is a dead man.
“All I would say is that he is a clown and he is fighting a real fighter.
“But that’s why so many people want to see it .. because it is a joke.”

All strictly off-message.

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