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Inspiring Story of a Couple Who Slept on the Floor to Build a Multi-million Naira Business in Niger (Photos)

This is an inspirational story everyone will love to read about Oluwatoyin Aladejana, the wife of a wealthy Nigerian entrepreneur, Adewale Aladejana, who owns Sapphire scents. She stood by him during trying and difficult times and even squatted with her husband in his friend's house in Abuja. Now, her struggling days are over as she is apparently reaping the fruit of supporting her man.

Read below what a friend, Olusegun Daniels Ursherfemi shared about the couple online to celebrate her.

Can I tell you about this woman here with the Saphire King?

1- she married a man who all he is worth was in a Ghana must go just about 3 or 4 years ago

2- Stayed with and believed in her husband all through..

3- She followed her husband to put up with somebody in to city of Abuja as a pregnant woman with their first child and as a married woman. Beat that!!!

4- Took all the looks, all the likely occasional insults associated with living with somebody for free in a place like Abuja.

5- I can't even imagine as a wife you feel like cooking something and you can't because the kitchen isn't yours... Close your eyes and imagine it...

6- She stayed with him encouraged him till the expected break through came.

7- they both slept ON THE FLOOR IN SOMEBODY'S HOUSE...

Saphire scent is just 2 years and its worth millions of Naira minus investments and endorsements today.

Today again, in the same building they were squatters, they have their own apartment and also another one in same building for an office... She has all the space to herself now, she can point at any holiday destination today and be there in hours...

My simple message goes to the slay queens, I mean the ones scouting social media looking for a guy who drives, who has a good apartment, who looks all self made... I know I shouldn't encourage you to stay with lazy go no where men... BUT I will stand to say anywhere,


It is sweeter to watch your husband become wealthy right in your presence, he won't rub it on your face like he brought you in from poverty to come enjoy. This is where discernment is needed. That spirit tells you a man going somewhere, it shows you a raw material and its potential worth when refined.

Don't just marry car keys and Behind kitchens... Once a while, look out for that man who you can tell that with this his passion and drive, he can be watched out for. Sometimes I look at my picture when my wife said yes, and ask her, wetin you see? Her reply is I just knew you are going somewhere... She ditched a medical student in 300L in unilorin for me an Agric science guy. These are powerful women... Their husbands treat them well... Cos we know they didn't come for money.

You can't sit and envy Mrs Oluwatoyin Aladejana today. IF YOU WERE TO PLAY HER ROLE, 90% OF YOU LADIES WILL QUIT AT 1ST HALF. Also before you use somebody as point of contact, be sure to know their story, because God won't give you their glory without their story.

She is off with her husband now for holiday.... She has paid her dues... Single ladies these type of wives are wives we men cherish and love to pet...not the ones rolling long eye lashes at good cars and settled places.

Guys!! This is not endorsing laziness...despite where u are let the woman be able to tell you have a drive for success. Not pressing phone all the time.

I pulled over to celebrate my friend's wife today. Been looking for a day to do this. Lots of respect for you ma. Thank you for being a support to this great man. We celebrate you dearly. We pray for more of your type on planet earth.

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